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“Rebecca L. Norrington is a Master in human disguise.In my umpteenth years of editing manuscripts, and having interviewed just about every bestselling author in the Mind/Body/Spirit genre for magazines — from Wayne Dyer, to Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch,Esther Hicks/Abraham, and more – Rebecca’s first book, Happy Made Simple is the first book I want to go back through with a highlighter and highlight, because she makes so many points I’ve never heard others express, and her life is truly an example of how to free yourself from suffering.

I consider Rebecca L. Norrington to be in the league of Eckert Tolle, who brought such a deeper understanding of consciousness to the mainstream.”  

~ Randy Peyser, Expert Book Editor and Coach at

“I just wanted to say thank you to Rebecca. I stumbled across an article you wrote about happiness and control and it was EXACTLY what I needed to see at EXACTLY the moment I needed to see it. I have been on a mission to find happiness, and while yes-I long ago realized that my happiness didn’t rely on THINGS, etc-I didn’t realize that all the help I’d been giving to others over the years, my children included, that I thought made me feel good was actually becoming a source of my unhappiness. While I was happy to help, and it made my heart feel better…it was the control that I felt the need to have over every little thing and person that was keeping me from becoming TRULY and FULLY HAPPY. “Yes, you can borrow $100 for your bills…but this is what you need to do so you don’t end up in this situation again”. AND when they didn’t do JUST what I suggested and their situation began to look bleak again…if affected my happiness. Wow! I promise I had never thought about it that way. I owe you one. Big time. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area, please call me up and I’ll take you for a drink or a meal-whichever you prefer. You just changed my life!! I’m about to let go, step out on faith…and be on the road to HAPPY!”

~ K. Brown, Atlanta, GA

“A subscriber once told me that when she counts her blessings, she counts me twice. This is exactly how I feel about Rebecca L. Norrington. With Rebecca, it’s not just “what you see is what you get;” what you get—receive—is who she really is. One thing, out of many, I appreciate about Rebecca is the way she speaks and writes from a “we’re-all-in-this-together” perspective. She has a true gift for merging professionalism and fun when it comes to expressing her thoughts born out of her diligent attention to life and spiritual principles; and we are graced by her commitment to and enthusiasm for sharing her experiences with us.”

~Joyce Shafer, Life Empowerment Coach
Author of I Don’t Want to Be Your Guru, But I Have Something to Say, and more…
Publisher, State of Appreciation

“The law of attraction definitely brought Rebecca to me. The chances that Rebecca and I would have ever met in this lifetime were definitely more than one in a billion. Rebecca is on the West Coast and I’m on the East Coast. She happened upon an internet radio show that she had never listened to before where I was a guest. Of course I was talking about Time to Play and my intention to provide resources to people so they can learn what they need to enjoy life. Rebecca shares many of my beliefs and philosophies and contacted me that same day. We’ve spoken for hours on end and have visited together when we are in the same State. We became fast friends. She has become part of my core team and is an amazing resource on how to achieve happiness in our lives. She is an encourager who can pick you up and strengthen you to believe in yourself. With strength, belief and faith, we know that anything we desire to achieve is possible. I am grateful that Rebecca came into my life because I have learned so much from her.”

~Doreen Guma, Visionary & Creator of

”Thank you again Rebecca for our collaborative RealitySprituality radio show Saturday. And I reflect a day later, what I really loved was that it wasn’t an interview, rather a wonderful conversation between two people! I look forward to sharing our conversation on social media. You are truly the best interviewer I’ve ever encountered—and I’ve worked with so many.”

~Blaze Lazarony, Entrepreneurial Business Strategist

“I feel like I’ve known Rebecca L. Norrington for years! In Reality I’ve never met her in person, but she has helped me with my Spirituality and self transformation. I had the honor of being a producer for RealitySpirituality and I believe that the Universe had intended for Rebecca and me to meet, so I would grow to be a happier person. When I first produced for Rebecca I heard her talk about how happy she is on her radio show…I wanted to be as happy as she is SO BAD, but I didn’t know how. After each show was over, I would talk to her about how to achieve a sense of completeness. What Rebecca said was “Stop trying to drive! Let go of the steering wheel and let the Universe take control.” That was one of my “Ah-Ha” moments! It was a simple prescription to obtain happiness, but it was one that I had to learn how to fulfill…you can never be too happy! I deeply love Rebecca as a human and thank her profusely for helping me grow into a better and happier human being.”

~Malu, Radio Personality

Thank you so much for being my inspiration for fitness and life! You spread laughter, fun and sunshine to everybody that is fortunate to be around you. You are my role model and I truly admire you. You are talented and caring. I cannot thank you enough for the positive influence you bring to my life.”

~Eileen No. 2

“Rebecca is a teacher and a friend. Rebecca gives my heart and soul a “good” stir-up. She is a caring person who is very easy to get into your secret thoughts. She will go the extra mile to help in an honest and positive way. I love her very very much!”

~Cynthia Shiang

“Rebecca’s impact on my life? I have been impacted by her in so many ways…I would need a ream of paper. Her high energy, her ‘tell it like it is’ outlook is refreshing. She founded and organized our ‘holiday hiking club” where all ages, individuals & cultures came together to share unforgettable moments while experiencing nature. She is amazing…I love her.”

~Eileen No. 3

“Rebecca is a life coach for fitness and confidence. She encourages us to reach our goals of being a happy and balanced person inside and out.”


“Fifteen years ago when I walked into Becky’s high-energy aerobics class, I was swept away with her charisma that demanded attention. Becky was the magical guru, our earth mother, and resident comic. She physically challenged us all while having fun on the ride. A real comedienne…her classes are worth the price of admission—ha, ha. Since those marvelous boot camp years, our core group has become family and Becky has always been the anchor keeping us together. Her inner fire has shone brighter through time, with wisdom and understanding evolving from her life’s experiences. Her immersion into public speaking along with her commitment to Spiritual and personal growth led her to the path she is on now…a Spiritual Coach. Becky’s journey has been one of life’s evolution. But she has been responsible for her journey, the captain of her fate. She has taken her extraordinary life force through several permutations, and the journey has made sense; it has resulted in the leader and woman she is today.”


“Thank you Becky for being a steering wheel, motivator and the leadership example which I needed as a parent and individual! Over the years of knowing you, I have always admired your courage to speak the TRUTH, even if it’s not necessarily what I wanted to hear. In your words and demonstration, it does not take a hammer to make the difference but using a feather can bring about the same or better results.You are awesome!”

~Yvette D. Williams

“When a person reaches 60s, all they hear is ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you are too old!’ Rebecca, however, has the opposite approach. You can do anything and everything! Rebecca has improved my condition to the point were I can still get on horses, ride a bike, dance, you name it. The best part is being able to keep up with my grandchildren. You can’t go wrong with her in your life.”

~Barbara Martin

“I have know Rebecca Norrington for approximately 20+ years. During this time I have experienced severa“Thank you Becky for being a steering wheel, motivator and the leadership example which I needed as a parent and individual! Over the years of knowing you, I have always admired your courage to speak the TRUTH, even if it’s not necessarily what I wanted to hear. In your words and demonstration, it does not take a hammer to make the difference but using a feather can bring about the same or better results.You are awesome!” Yvette D. Williamsl life trial and challenges. My friend was always there, with her ears and her heart. She is one of the most caring, honest people I know. Everyone deserves a friend like her.”

~Linda Stanley

“A wonderful instructor and friend. She devotes her energy and enthusiasm to inspire me to exercise and to love my body. I have learned a lot from her about life and myself in the last 2 years.”


“Rebecca has a personal interest in all of her student’s fitness along with their ’emotional’ health. She doesn’t let her students slack off but encourages them to push harder. She personalized each class by remembering all students’ names. She if full of energy. Attending her classes has helped me combat feelings of depression and anxiety.”


“Energetic, motivational and fun. An instructor who makes it a point to get to know her students. Rebecca forms a bond with each person. She pushes us to our potential even though we may think we can’t do it.”

~Janice DeMarco

“She started out as my personal trainer and life coach and soon after became my friend, my inspiration and motivation. I love her.”

~Trish Matheson

“She draws me to her classes each week; not only because of the workout, but also because of her humor and personal connection to each of her students. The continuous laughter and great workout is what motivates me to get out of bed each Saturday. Rebecca is such a positive force, and I aspire to have as much energy and enthusiasm for life as her.”

~Natalie Danielsen